Because I want to be fresh for all my work, I shoot one session per day and usually start around 11AM so I can take advantage of the beautiful daylight in my studio. During a session, I shoot about 500-700 shots in 4-5 different situations (clothing, lighting and backgrounds). I use daylight, studio strobe and very often a combination of the two. The idea is to give you a choice of at least 3-4 looks that can be used in slightly different ways. Sessions for women last 3-4 hours; men's sessions last 2-3 hours. Once photography is finished, I edit down to 192 pictures so that you see only the choice results. Within 6-8 hours, you will be able to see the edited shoot on my website. The next day you can pick up those same files on "hard copy" proof sheets and on a CD (or I can mail everything to you). Your session fee includes three final choices. Those choices are fully retouched at no extra charge (retouching is limited to what I can accomplish in 1+1/2 hours per file). You get to approve all that work. Each choice comes with one 8X10 Master print, a hi res file for further printing and a lo res files for internet or Email use. You can have additional files retouched at a cost of $60 per file. You will also receive the edited shoot on a CD in an unretouched form. I advise using unretouched photos only for personal use and not in professional situations. Classical musicians require a highly professional, sophisticated look for all their promotional photography. Professional make-up and hair for women and grooming for men are necessary to create that look. You can see the beautiful work of my stylists in the portfolios on this site. The stylist adjusts make-up and manages hair during the shoot as necessay. But he does not have time to wash, cut or create an unusual hair style. It is important that you arrive with your hair mostly done and in a style that you can duplicate for auditions.

Make-up and hair for women and grooming for men are included in the session price. Stylists stay for the entire photo session. My session price is $700, which includes the editing and the retouching on three pictures. I accept credit cards, but must charge you sales tax with them. Otherwise, I prefer checks or cash. If you want to read the reactions of other classical artists, go to the Testimonial pages on this site. I'd be glad to meet you for a consultation anytime. There is no cost, and you can meet me and see the beautiful studio I work in. If you have questions or want to discuss reserving a session, call me at the number below. I am available Mon.- Fri. and most weekends. Sessions are usually booked one to three weeks in advance. I don't ask for deposits, only your sincere interest in getting excellent photography for a reasonable price.

Richard Blinkoff 212-620-7883